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LOVIBOND, PCCHECKIT®COD, vario photometer

PCCHECKIT®COD vario photometer

  • The Lovibond®PCCHECKIT® vario test
  • With a measuring range from 0 to 15 000mg/l O2, the Lovibond®PCCHECKIT®CO vario photometer is suitable for waste water testing
  • Two LEDS light sources with long-term stability (λ1 = 605 nm; λ2 = 430 nm), a waterproof sample chamber, a large digital display, and the user-friendly keypad ensure maximum operating reliability and convenience.
  • Setup allows highly sensitive and precise water testing with minimum effort. It measures the amount of oxygen required for oxidation of the water components by photometric means.
  • A known sample volume is added to a Lovibond COD vario vial test, which is heated in the reactor and then analyzed in the PCCHECKIT®COD vario photometer.
  • Harga SGD 6.860,- , Harga tidak termasuk PPN franko Yogyakarta, berlaku 1 Maret 2012. Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu
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