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Microscope, XSZ 107 BN

Microscope XSZ 107 BN Binocular Microscope / Mikroskop Binokuler

Specification :

Objective:4x,10x,40x(s) ,100x(s,oil)
wide field plane-scope
XSZ-107BN biological Microscope:
45mm DIN achromatic objective:4x,10x,40x(s) ,100x(s,oil)
wide field plane-scope eyepiece:WF10X,WF16X;
Total magnification:40x-1600x direct/ 107x-2680x from camera;
interpupillary distance:55-75mm;45°inclined,360°rotatable;
double layer mechanical stage:142mmx132mm,moving range X-Y:75x50mm;
dia2-30mm iris diaphragm and dia32 filter; Abbe condensor :N.A. 1.25 ;
Coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustable mechanism:25mm,precision:0.002mm;
Ilumination Halogen Lamp 220V/ 6V20W.

Harga untuk XSZ 107 BN merek NOVEL (Tidak lagi tersedia/diimpor)

Harga untuk XSZ 107 BN (SINHER/OREGON/DLL merek tergantung yang tersedia) : Rp 4.000.000,- 

Untuk Trinocular / Trinokuler Microscope

Harga untuk XSZ 107 E (SINHER/OREGON/DLL merek tergantung yang tersedia) Rp 6.500.000,-

Update 15 Februari 2024

Auto Cup Sealer Cutting Machine F-07 (ex-China)

Model : F07 (Kombinasi Stainlees + body paint)
Sealing speed : 300-400 cup/hour
Power supply : 220-240V / 50-60Hz/ 400W

Harga Rp 8.500.000,- Harga franko Yogyakarta, tidak termasuk pajak. Berlaku 1 April 2013



The “Shenyang” series liquid nitrogen container made in China as per the national standard GB/T5458 liquid nitrogen biological container is widely used with liquid nitrogen (-196 centigrade degrees) as its refrigerant in the fields of animal husbandry, veterinary, medicine and scientific research for transportation and storage of the frozen sperm, vaccine, cell and microorganism as well as used in the departments of national defense, machinery building, medical treatment, electronics, metallurgy and energy.


Model Capacity




Empty Weight (kg) Outer

Diameter (mm)

Height (mm) Static Evaporation

Loss Mass


Static Holding Time


YDS-10 10.0 50 5.5 276 550 0.10 100
YDS-22 22,5 50 10 405 673 0.10 220
YDS-50B 50.0 50 21 446 840 0.198 251

China student microscope XSZ-107BN


Student binocular microscope XSZ-107BN (mikroskop binokular) perbesaran total 40-1600x. Trinocular microscope XSZ-107E. Achromatic objective. Sliding binocular head inclined at 45 degree.

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China inverted microscope XDS-2


Inverted microscope XDS-2, total magnification 100-400x with long working distance plan achromat objectives.

Harga Rp 29.000.000,- tidak termasuk PPN. Harga berlaku 1 April 2013

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China Polarizing Microscope


Polarizing Microscope XP Series :

XP-501, XP-501T, XP-148P & XP-146P

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China Metallurgical microscope XJL-17


China Metallurgical microscope L2020


Reflected and transmitted metallurgical microscope L2020

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