Microscope, XSZ 107 BN

Microscope XSZ 107 BN Binocular Microscope / Mikroskop Binokuler

Specification :

Objective:4x,10x,40x(s) ,100x(s,oil)
wide field plane-scope
XSZ-107BN biological Microscope:
45mm DIN achromatic objective:4x,10x,40x(s) ,100x(s,oil)
wide field plane-scope eyepiece:WF10X,WF16X;
Total magnification:40x-1600x direct/ 107x-2680x from camera;
interpupillary distance:55-75mm;45°inclined,360°rotatable;
double layer mechanical stage:142mmx132mm,moving range X-Y:75x50mm;
dia2-30mm iris diaphragm and dia32 filter; Abbe condensor :N.A. 1.25 ;
Coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustable mechanism:25mm,precision:0.002mm;
Ilumination Halogen Lamp 220V/ 6V20W.

Harga untuk XSZ 107 BN merek NOVEL Rp 4.700.000,- Net Rp 4.250.000

Harga untuk XSZ 107 BN-B merek Zhanjing : Rp 4.000.000,- Net Rp 3.750.000

Harga untuk XSZ 107 BN merek YAZUMI : Rp 3.900.000,- Net Rp 3.700.000

Untuk Trinocular / Trinokuler Microscope

Harga untuk XSZ 107 E merek NOVEL Rp 6.500.000,-

Harga untuk XSZ 107 BN-C merek Zhanjing : Rp 5.900.000,- 

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