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Eppendorf, Centrifuge, model 5702 series

image0013.jpgCentrifuge, Eppendorf, model 5702 series
Model 5702, 5072 R (Referigerated), 5702 RH (precise temperature control)
Centrifuge, Eppendorf, model 5702 series
Model 5702, 5072 R (Referigerated), 5702 RH (precise temperature control)
Eppendorf designed a new centrifuge that can quickly and safely carry out routine centrifugation in small, medical and cell culture labs. All rotors used in the Centrifuge 5702 can also be used in 5072R & 5702 RH including the versatile A-4-38 swing-bucket rotor, which can centrifuge up to four 85 ml tubes in aerosol-tight round buckets at almost 3,000 x g. If increased capacity is required, the A-4-38 can also be used with rectangular buckets and a variety of adapters (e.g. for 24 x 15 ml glass tubes). The fixed-angle rotor F-35-30-17 is available in two versions with a capacity of up to 30 x 15 ml.
The simple A-8-17 swing-bucket rotor for 15 ml tubes (Falcon® tubes and test tubes) rounds off the program. The Centrifuge 5702 R, just like all refrigerated centrifuges from Eppendorf, also offers the proven stand-by refrigeration and the “fast-temp” special function. Temperatures between -9°C and +40°C can be quickly reached in this way. The Centrifuge 5702 RH is unique in its temperature control capacity, that can consistently maintain temperatures higher than room temperature. Temperature-sensitive cells or cell cultures can be centrifuged under defined conditions, especially in the temperature range around 37°CAll three 5702 models are uncommonly versatile, despite the very small dimensions, and can process greater volumes than comparable models.
For the Centrifuges 5702 R and 5702 RH, two program keys illuminated with blue light when activated provide additional functions. They should provide the user with the possibility to save the parameters of two standard centrifugation processes. By activating a SOFT function with shorter startup and braking times, the yields can be increased for special blood, urine or cell culture centrifugation. In addition, the Centrifuges 5702 R and 5702 RH offer an “at set rpm” function. When this is activated, the device only begins the countdown for the set run time when the desired rotational speed has been reached. Falcon ®: Registered trademark of Becton Dickinson.
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