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HANNA, PH Meter, Model : HI 99161

HANNA HI-99161HANNA, PH Meter, Model : HI 99161

Portable HACCP pH Meter for Food and Dairy


Range : pH -2.00 to 16.00 pH
Temperature -5.0 to 105.0°C/23.0 to 221.0°F
Resolution : pH 0.01 pH
Temperature 0.1°C; 0.1°F
Accuracy @ 20°C : pH ±0.02 pH
Temperature ±0.5°C (up to 60°C), ±1.0°C (outside) / ±1.0°F (up to 140°F); ±2.0°F (outside)
pH Calibration : automatic one or two point calibration with two sets of