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Atago Digital Printer, DP-21, DP-22

atago-digital-printer-dp-21.jpgAtago Digital Printer DP-21(A), DP-22 :

DP-21 (A) (Cat.No.3011) is a printer for DR-M2.DR-M4,DR-M2/1550 and DR-N4/1550
Input method : Centronics terminal
Power Supply : DC 8.5V from the refractometer

DP-22 (Cat.No.3013) is a printer for the SMART-1
Input Method : RS-232CPower Supply : AC Adapter (Input voltage : AC100 to 240V)
Dimension/ weight (DP-21 (A), DP-22) : 14 x 10 x 4 cm/390 g

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