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Gilson Pipetman concept

image014.jpgGilson’s Pipetman Concept®

is a new motorized electronic pipette combination of tangible quality with high usability and comfort. Fourteen models cover the full range of volumes from 0.5 µL to 10 mL with single and multichannel pipettes.
The single-channel C10, C100, C300, C1200, C5000 and multichannel 8×300 and 12×300 Pipetman Concept models are currently available. At a future date, the remaining seven models will be available from Gilson.
Create your own modes.

image016.jpgThe Utility Software empowers you to create and store any number of modes on your PC and then transfer one to your pipette. Modes are created in no time from pre-programmed tasks.

Conform to ISO 8655.




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