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Gilson, Pipette, Pipetman Ultra Series

image009.jpgGilson’s Pipetman® Ultra is a fully adjustable, air-displacement. Suitable for users who concern for Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Offers a wide choice of pipetting systems for even the most demanding tasks—clinical, research, or control laboratories. Eight models cover the full image0111.jpgrange of volumes from 0.2 µL to 10 mL.image008.jpg

Pipetman Utra series:
Pipetman Ultra U2 (0,1-2µL)
Pipetman Ultra U10 (0,5-10µL)
Pipetman Ultra U20 (2-20µL)
Pipetman Ultra U100 (20-100µL)
Pipetman Ultra U200 (30-200µL)
Pipetman Ultra U1000 (200-1000µL)
Pipetman Ultra U5000 (1-5 ml)
Pipetman Ultra U10mL (1-10 ml)

Pipetman Ultra Multichannel series

Quick Volume Setting: Set the volume quickly with only 10 turns from the lowest to the highest setting. Easy to set the volume—either with one hand using the thumb wheel (even when wearing gloves) or with two hands using the push button.
Autoclavable: The parts of the Pipetman Ultra that normally come into contact with liquids (tip holder, tip ejector) are autoclavable.


Gilson’s Pipetman Ultra U2 (0.1-2ul), U10 (0.5-10ul), U5000 (1-5ml), U10ML (1-10ml) harga Rp 5.125.000,-

Gilson’s Pipetman Ultra U20 (2-20ul), U100 (20-100ul), U200 (30-200ul) s/d U1000 (200-1000ul) Harga Rp 4.375.000,-

Gilson’s Pipetman Ultra Multichannel 8 x 20 (1-20 ul), 8 x 300 (20-300 ul) Harga Rp 13.625.000,-

Gilson’s Pipetman Ultra Multichannel 12 x 20 (1-20 ul), 12 x 300 (20-300 ul) Harga Rp 14.875.000,-

Harga berlaku 1 oktober 2012, Harga belum termasuk PPN Franko Yogyakarta, Harga bisa berubah sewaktu-waktu.

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